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Year 4

Class Teachers

Mr Matvad
Mr Shikdar
Miss Bennett

Upcoming Year 4 Events

08/09 16:15 Year 4 - Meet the Teacher

Summer Term 2

PE days are on Monday for all Year 4 classes.

Home reading books will be changed every Monday.

Home Learning

Daily reading and completion of reading record books

Daily IXL – Maths and English

Daily TTRS

Weekly spelling list is available on Google Classroom


Short burst genre - Grammar focus

Long burst genre - Poetry

The children will read a selection of poems and learn the structure of a variety of poems. Using these new found skills, the children will begin to create their own poems. Once writing these, they will publish and perform an anthology of their poems.


This term in reading students will continue to develop their comprehension skills (predicting, summarising, inferring, making connections, evaluating, questioning and clarifying). Students will read their home reading books daily and record comments in their reading record, using the stems on the inside cover. On Wednesday we will be having class reading assemblies, where students and teachers will read stories and discuss stories read to them. Whole class reading will be on Tuesdays.


Number – decimals

Measurement – money and time


Geometry – properties of shapes, position and direction


The digestive system - In this unit of learning, the children will investigate how the digestive system works. They will identify the different sections of the body that relate to the digestive system and how important they are to the body. They will investigate what different types of teeth animals and humans have and how these may vary depending on the food the animal eats. They will understand the different types of food which is essential for a balanced diet.

Art and DT

India - Textiles

  • To use fabrics to create 3D structures.
  • To explore wrapping, weaving, tying, looping onto fence, nets or frameworks.
  • To cut and glue fabric pieces.

Art skills I am developing:

  • I can research Indian art, textiles and traditions.
  • I can develop my ideas through sketches.
  • I can select, use and control a range of materials in a considered way.
  • I can develop a range of techniques: applique, stitching, embroidery.
  • I can compare different designs including my own and others.
  • I can express my ideas and opinions in different ways.
  • I can develop my technical knowledge and vocabulary, and apply it in my work.

Religious Education

 What happens when we die?

We will be understanding the differences in funeral practices, sharing our own personal responses and beliefs.

PSHE - Personal, social, health and economic education

JIGSAW theme is Changing Me.



Year 4 Highlights