Year 4's Maths Tricks

In Year 4 we have been using our 'tricks' to help us work out challenging problems!

Have a look at some of the examples where the children used their knowledge of patterns to extend their learning.

"For 375 + 200. My trick is that if I know 3+2=5, then I also know that 300+200=500. Then I just add on 75." - Evellyn

"For 57-19. I know that I cannot take 9 away from 7, so I have to regroup. It then becomes 17. 17-9=8 and 4-1=3. So the answer is 38!" - Bola

"For 96 รท 4. I knew that 4x12=24 and 48x2=96. I also checked it by doing the short efficient method." - Lily

"I knew I had to do the inverse operation because I needed to know the difference. So I subtracted the ones column (5-4=1) then the tens column (60-30=30) then added them together (1+30=31)." - Adeoye


Taylor-4p - Good work

Bliss former student - I think that will help me with assessment week and maths in general!

Rhyleigh - Well done Lily hilarious

sufyan 4K - I loved that lesson so much.

Ramatu 6S - Wow good working out

aziza - Good learning!

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