Year 3

Class Teachers

Miss Gray

Mrs Taylor

Miss Patel


PE Days: Mondays

Book bags

Please ensure your child brings in their book bags every day.


Please ensure your child has breakfast before coming to school as it can affect their focus and concentration. If you want further information for breakfast club, please speak to a member of the office staff.

Water bottles                                                                                       

Children are allowed to bring in water bottles with water. Fruit juices and squash are not allowed. Water bottles also need to be made from plastic and not glass.

Autumn Term


Long Burst:

Stories from other cultures

Key Features:

  • Developing setting
  • Text organisation (paragraphs)
  • Topic sentences
  • Adding depth to the character description
  • Varied sentence structure and length
  • Descriptive language - similes
  • Dialogue (alternative speech verbs)
  • Open, problem, resolution

Long burst 2:

Non-Chronological Report

Key Features:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Labels
  • Captions
  • Fact boxes
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Subheadings: questions and statements
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Factual statements
  • Present tense
  • Impersonal language
  • Collating information from several sources
  • Develop note taking
  • Subject specific vocabulary


Autumn 1

Number & Place Value

Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division

Measures: Time

Autumn 2

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Geometry: Properties of shapes


Measures: Volume & Capacity

Measures: Length & Mass

Four Operations in the context of volume, capacity, length & mass

Cross Curricular

Topic Key Skills:

  • Revisit year 2 skills on the UK and expand to counties and cities.
  • Identify and locate the position of South America on the world map in relation to tropics, equator, longitude and latitude
  • Locate the countries and capital cities within South America.
  • Identify the layers of a rainforest

Investigate a village in the rainforest and compare physical geography to Hackney. (eg Yanomami village)


Key Skills:

Recognise that light is needed in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.

Notice that light is reflected from surfaces.

Recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect their eyes.

Recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.

Find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.

Suggested Investigations:

  1. Does my shadow change through the day?
  2. Which materials will keep me safe at night?





Yearly Overview

Our curriculum overviews gives you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year.

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