Year 3 - Surviving the Stone Age

As part of their lesson today, Year 3 imagined what they would do in order to survive if they suddenly found themselves transported back to the Stone Age. In their table groups, they spoke about and ordered the importance of different activities to ensure survival, such as finding water, killing animals, making clothes and finding shelter. They all agreed that finding water was the most important thing, but beyond that they couldn’t agree, which led to some very interesting debates!


Mr. Fahy - I would like to experience living in the Stone age - The lesson looked so interesting!

Lexi 3T - I liked when we sorted out the imporatance of each card because if we did go back to the stone age then we would need to know what to do first.

Aland 3T - My whole table took their time to put the cards together and they listened to what I said.

Remy 3T - I really liked debating with the class.

Faaris 3T - I really liked discussing how I would survive in the stone age. They didn't have any supermarkets so they had to hunt for food, they had to kill animals.

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