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Online Safety

At Daubeney Primary School everyone should feel safe in school at all times. This includes staying safe when using the computer and on the internet - whether at home or at school.

Safety Cards

Daubeney children have rules that are shared with them to keep them safe, these are:

  • I will not bring in mobile equipment and use it in school.
  • I will ask permission from an adult before I use the internet.
  • I will use the school computers and technology sensibly.
  • I will only look at my own work and not delete anyone else’s files.
  • I will not bring in a USB from home.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or a responsible adult has approved.
  • I will always be polite and use appropriate language when emailing or sending messages.
  • I will not give out my personal information or arrange to meet anyone.
  • I am aware that some websites and social networks have age restrictions and I should respect this.
  • I will not open an attachment, or download a file, unless I know and trust the person who has sent it.
  • If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive a message I do not like, I will not respond to it but I will show a teacher / responsible adult.

To keep pupil’s safe online at home, parents should:

  • Use the online safety videos on our website to discuss keeping safe online.
  • Only share online, photographs of other children (or staff) at school events with permission from the pupils’ parents/carers or staff.
  • Set parental locks on devices with access to the internet.
  • Do not allow access to social media sites until your child is old enough to access these sites. Most social media sites have an age limit of over 13 years.
  • Reinforce that your child/ren should not share personal information with anyone online.
  • Reinforce that friends are people we know and that friends online could be anyone, not necessarily who they say they are.
  • Monitor online use and ensure that children access the internet only when supervised by an adult.
  • Inform the school’s online safety officer/designated safeguarding lead of any concerns regarding their child’s interactions online with other pupils. Please ask for advice about online safety from staff, check our website and attend school workshops for parents to keep up to date on how to keep your child safe online.

Age Restriction for Social Media

Online Safety Links

These links contain advice about staying safe online, and support with setting parental control on your devices.

Downloadable Resources

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Online Safety Guide

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Elanna's Beesafe Presentation

Elanna in 4Z create an online safety presentation ‘Beesafe’ at home. Her PowerPoint was presented in the KS2 assembly. Well done Elanna!

Online Safety Week

During the week commencing the 4th February 2019, Daubeney had an Online Safety week. Children participated in activities/discussions about keeping safe online.