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Year 2

Class Teachers

Miss Phillips - 2HP
Miss Cheung - 2C
Miss Patel - 2P

Upcoming Year 2 Events

06/09 15:45 Year 2 - Meet the Teacher

Spelling test

Spellings will be handed out on a Friday and the test will be the following Friday.

Times tables tests

Times tables will be handed out on a Friday and the test will be the following Friday. This is timed so please try to practice using a 5 minute time limit. Children will move onto the next times tables when they get 40 correct within the time limit.

PE Days

Children in Year 2 have PE every Tuesday and must wear PE kit to school including trainers or plimsoles.

Book bags

Please ensure your child brings in their book bags every day.

Water bottles

Children are allowed to bring in water bottles with water. Fruit juices and squash are not allowed. Water bottles also need to be made from plastic and not glass and they are clearly labelled.


Please ensure your child has breakfast before coming to school as it can affect their focus and concentration. If you want further information for breakfast club, please speak to a member of the office staff.

Summer 1



  • Recall multiples of 2, 5 and 10 up to x12 in any order, including missing numbers and related division facts.
  • Recall multiples of 2, 5, 10 up to 12x10 fluently.

Problem Solving & Reasoning:

  • Number: Fractions
  • Measurement - Length and height
  • Geometry: Position and direction
  • Measurement: Time



Key Features:

  • Write a sequence of events that make sense.
  • Use correct punctuation: capital letters, full stops, question marks (when required).
  • Past and present tense.
  • Use co-ordination and subordination e.g. or/ and/ but/ when/ if/ that/ because to join sentences.
  • Use phonics to help with tricky words.
  • Spell Year 2 common exception words.
  • Correctly and consistently sized words.
  • Spacing between words.

Grammar & Punctuation

Key Skills:

  • Different sentence types (exclamation, question, statement and commands)
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Words with suffixes
  • Third person pronouns
  • Dialogue
  • Past tense
  • Time sequencing words
  • First person pronouns

Biology - Plants - How do you keep a plant alive?

Key Skills:

  • Look closely at plants as they grow
  • Describe the changes as seeds and bulbs grow into plants
  • Predict based on what I can see
  • Discover what plants need to live and stay healthy
  • Investigate what a plant needs to grow
  • Compare different plants in the local environment
  • Use scientific vocabulary

Cross Curricular - Geography

Australia - Why should we visit Australia?

Key Concepts:

  • Compare geographical similarities and differences
  • Name continents, oceans, seas, capitals
  • Identify how humans adapt to their geography
  • Identify physical features, including climate zones, mountains, rivers, and biomes

Art: Collage

  • Develop collages based on a simple drawing, using papers and materials.
  • Collect natural materials to create a temporary collage (an autumn tree/ the school building using sticks/rocks/leaves etc).
  • Develop tearing, cutting and layering paper to create different effects.
  • Select materials according to their properties


Yearly Overview

Our curriculum overviews give you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year.

Year 2 News and Letters

Year 2 Graduation Ceremony

It brings us enormous pleasure to invite you to the Year 2 graduation for the academic year 2020/21. Due to the rise in cases, this year’s graduation will look slightly different to previous years’ graduation ceremonies. Please read this letter...

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5th July 2021

Year 2 Highlights