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KS1 Science Parents' Workshop

Today (4th October 2018) we had a fantastic parent workshop talking all about how we can do more science at home! The children got hands on with some every day objects such as fairy liquid, milk and eggs but found that these every day objects can be turned into scientific extravaganzas with the right amount of inquisitive thinking. Why does a heavier orange float and a lighter orange sink? How can salt be used to lift things to new heights? How can fairy liquid be compared to magnets? We asked all these questions and more. What questions do you have?


farzana-3T - looks very fun

Laniya 3p - I love science so much

Aysha - It look very fun and cool hope you guys enjoyed ?

Ayman3P - That is amazing

Taylor-5M - That looks like FUN. What did you make

ismail5m - It looked very cool

Tariq 5M - That looked very fun

Mr Swarbrick - Come and find me in school, Maelle. I’ll explain what we were doing and how can do it too at home!

Maelle 5m - I am in the science team and to be honest that looks really fun but I couldn't quite figure out what you were doing

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