Welcome to Nursery

Class Teachers

Ms Bibi

Mrs Afsar

Miss Hussain

PE Days

Thursday mornings

Book Bags

Selected day by parent career and it is done once a week. Please ensure your child brings in their book bags on the chosen day.


If you child attends Nursery in the morning please ensure your child has breakfast before coming to school as it can affect their focus and concentration. If you want further information for breakfast club, please speak to a member of the office staff.

Water Bottles

Children are allowed to bring in water bottles with water. Fruit juices and squash are not allowed. Water bottles also need to be made from plastic and not glass.

Summer Term


In Literacy we will continue with phonic sessions twice a week. Some children are moving on from phase 1 to phase two. Please try to encourage your child to sound out initial sounds in words. Please remember it is important to read to your child every day, this will
help not only read but also encourage them to love books.


In Numeracy we are continuing to recite numbers up to 10 and beyond and we are continuing to develop skills to count using one to one correspondence. Encourage your child to count things around the house and outside. We will also continue to learn about 2D shapes and its properties. Help your child by making them aware of shapes around them.

Cross Curricular

We are going to be learning about growth and transformations. First we will learn about where we come from. Then will discuss the different parts of the world around us and its continents and we will learn about places such as the rain forest, Antarctic etc.


Nursery Homework - Farm Trip and Key Dates

Learning in Nursery

Our curriculum overviews gives you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year.

EYFS Policy

At Daubeney Primary School our aim is to provide the highest quality care and education for all our children, thus giving them a strong foundation for their future learning.

EYFS Policy

Nursery Highlights

Past Nursery Highlights