Year 2 - Hackney Music Service Festival

We took our best singers from Year 2 to perform at the Round Chapel for the Hackney Music Service Festival. We had a fantastic time and we got to sing the songs we love so well with 15 other schools and a live band. We sang songs such as "I feel good", "Fatou Yo" and "La Morenda". Big thanks to Miss Shelina for helping on the trip and for all the parents who attended. Well done to the children for singing their hearts out and dancing with abandon.


Jayleanne 5mc - I really loved this trip it was so fun and my favourite part of the trip was when I got to sing with some of my friends and it sooooooo fun but I also wanted to say well done to everyone else

Racheal - It was so much fun, but now I am in year 3.

Hind z 3c - Well done everyone.

Oran Nelson - Very well done

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