Year 2 - 2P's Class Assembly - September 2019

We had a lot of fun sharing our assembly today. We worked as a team to create it and discussed what it should be about. We decided on the very important subject of mindfulness and breathing!


Sulaiman 2p - Wow is cool

Sulaiman - Wow is cool

Lexi - Wow great!

Ronan 2k - well done 2P it was excellent

Abigail - You were all amazing

Malek 2P - Good breathing, class - '2P'!

valeri ( in secondary) - You guys are so cute and adorable please keep up the good work and good luck in your future.
Your assembly was so good and you have been very brave please keep up the good work and good luck

Miss Bibi - 2P that was brilliant, starting with a breathing exercise too. Very impressive idea! Getting audience ready. Great acting, but I loved the singing. Well done 2P

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