Year 2 - 2C Fun in the Park

During our family picnic day in Victoria Park, we had lots of fun climbing, sliding and making things with sand.

Here are some of our favourite parts:

"My favourite part was climbing on the ropes because it was quite challenging" - Ava

"I liked covering Mr Ricardo in the sand and sliding down the enormous slide!" - Rachel

"I liked going to the really big slide in the sand" - Soma

"I liked playing in the house" - Mahbir

"I had fun making a volcano with water and sand with my friends" - Sam

"I liked going on the slide because it was very long and we went into the sand" - Enyioma


lava 2c - We had fun playing at Victoria park and building sand castles

Jaskiran 2C - I liked to play on the big slide and climb up the ropes.

Louise 2C - I like the way that some people buried Mr Ricardo and he looked like a mermaid.

Soraya 2C - We had fun at Victoria Park and we went on slide and swings

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