Year 3 - 3T Retell 'Welcome'

3T retold the story Welcome. They independently improvised each scene, taking charge of the story themselves. We hope you enjoy!


Aryan 3p - Wow this is so good I want to do that

Charlotte _3p - Well done 3T

kevin blue class - this vido is so funny
and well done 3t

Bilal 3t - It was very nice
It was funny when Elias and gabriel fell on the floor at the same time

Elias-3T - I really enjoyed it when we were acting and it was really funny

Christopher 3T - I love how Gaspar acted

Sadia - Looks like a lot of fun

Faaris 3T at home - I like your sentences. Where did you go? πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

3P - We were really amazed that you created something with the green screen! Well done 3T!!

Riya 3T - This was a really fun experience

Elias 3T - It was really funny when me and Gabriel fell off at the same time!

Ava3T - It was great when we did welcome

Patrick 3t - It looked amazing

Beatrix 3T - This was really fun making.

Gabriel 3T - I had lots of fun and felt like a movie star🀩

Mrs Taylor - Well done 3T! You are all brilliant actors.

Faaris, you can be in our next video! I've seen that you've written a fabulous piece about climate change, so perhaps we could film our arguments and make a video about climate change.

Faaris 3t - Very sad! I'm not in it 😒

izabel 3t - This was really funny

Miss Fergus - Wow 3T, I'm so impressed! Your acting was amazing!

3G - Mrs Taylor your green screen skills are amazing!!

Well done the children acting you did a great job.

What a great idea.

Miley 3T - I really enjoyed it!

Lyla 3T - This was very fun and really funny.

Yasim 3T - We really enjoyed acting the Welcome story

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