Year 3 - Reading Club

Today (13th March 2019) the Year 3 reading club met with Mr TJ and Mr Matvad and read a story which linked with our British Science Week. The book was called 'I have an Idea' and showed many great inventions from past to present. The Year 3 boys will be meeting every week, on Wednesday to celebrate reading and read for pleasure.

Next week they will read a book all about 'Super Heroes'.


abubaker3T - I like reading

Miss Fergus - Great to see you all enjoying reading! Well done boys!

C. Gustave - Well done team! I can see some extremely motivated faces here. Pupils are fully engrossed in their books.

City Year - Great reading boys. I’m sure many of you have been inspired to make your own inventions...keep up the good work!

Faaris 3T - I enjoyed reading the book about adventures. I also read Shakespeare book from our class. My favourite is Hamlet because it has lots of deaths.

Miss Patel - This looks like so much fun! I love superheroes so I might just pop by next Wednesday and join you guys!

Sophia 3p - The boys book club must be fun for the boys. It looked like you had lots of fun,I wish they had a girl's book club :)

Ayman 3P - I really enjoyed it. Mr Matvad came and brought us books to read. He made us laugh and we had a really good time! my best part was listening to the calm music and reading the books! I can't wait for next week boys book club again because we will be Reading about superheroes!

Mr Logan - Wow! It's great to see that our year 3 boys are demonstrating their keenness to read (thank you Mr TJ and Mr Matvad)!
Please keep it up as we know that readers are leaders!
I wonder which superheroes will feature in next week's book?
Also year 3 BBC, I need a book to read; what book would you recommend for me?

Patrick 3p - The book club was awesome! Also Mr Matvad was making us laugh. At the end, Mr Matved showed us a superhero book and when he was telling the characters, he said miss patel at the end! Also I was so amazed of Ayman's reading he used a good expression. I can't believe it but I actually enjoyed reading with Mr TJ and all our group. I can't wait for next week Wednesday.

Mr Matvad - It was fun reading with the Year 3 boys. I can't wait for next week, when we will be reading about cool Super heroes.

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