Year 3 and 4 Christmas Concert 2019


janna 3t - I loved it

Idan 3T - Nice singing year 3

Idan 3T - Well down year 3 & 4!

idan 3t - I liked your singing.

Idan 3T - I liked how you all sang.

idan 3t - I liked how you all sound

Pip 3p - It took almost a lot of practise but we did well

flo 3p - It took a lot of practice, but it was worth it.

maya 3g - It was so good

Humza 3p - I loved our Christmas concert?☺️??????????????????????☺️

Joy nursery - Well done 3t 3p 3g 4k 4dm and 4m !

Gaia - Cool ???????

Praise 4K - I really liked it because Christmas makes me so happy . Did you know that Christians celebrate Christmas in a long time ago.

Praise and joy - I liked it it's the best day ever

Ava -5mc - You guys sound like angels

ayesha - Nice singing

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