Year 3 - Celebrating Chinese New Year

Today Year 3 found out about Chinese New Year. They completed several artistic activities to celebrate the occasion and listened to Chinese New Year music.

'Luck is a very important part of Chinese New Year. Lanterns are released into the sky to send off the bad and make room for the new.' - Remy

'Red is a lucky colour.' - Gabriel


David 3T - This lesson was fun today. Today is the year of the pig. There is no year of the cat because it came last and the rat pushed it in the water.

Abubaker 3T - I like doing these activities

Yasemin 5mc - Well done year 3! They all look amazing! :) They must be very fun to make.😄

Pixie YR1O - Hi YR3 Good Work keep it up

MGL Tutor Group -City Academy- - Wow Year 3. People In YR9 Are Focusing On Your Handwriting These Are What People Replied. MGL-Jacob- That Girl With That Black Hair Hand Writing Is Very Unique, Better Then Mine. MGL-Ava-I Liked That Boys Hand Writing It Is Really Good. Very Nice Year 3 Keep Up.

Faaris 3T - I really enjoyed making the Chinese lanterns and it was really fun seeing the dragon dancing.

Elias 3T - I can't believe that the chinese new year lasts for 2 weeks and 1 day! It was really fun making lanterns and doing wordsearch.

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