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Year 3 Pledge to Prevent Plastic Pollution

Year 3 found out about the dangers of plastic pollution. They were horrified and pledged that they would do their best to reduce their own plastic use to make a difference to the planet.

"I will use a paper straw instead of a plastic one" - Ava

"I will refill my water bottle every day instead of buying a new one" - Mohamed


Bilal 3T - I really liked do─▒ng the pledge I will help by filling my water bottle instead of buying another one every day

thank you Year 9 too

Ammani - laurinston school - I love it 3T! Amazing pledge you made. I think we should not use plastic bags and we should use a golden paper bag.

Elias 3T - Thank you Yr9s and everybody else!

Fixen Bear - Well Done YR3 I Really Love Your Works We Are Checking Daubeney Every Day.

TUTU YR9 - Well Done YR3 City Academy is focusing on your recent work we will be writing about daubeney and what we think How Educated 3T Is.

Mum from Daubeney - Fantastic work year 3! Every pledge you make and keep will help preserve and protect our amazing environment for many years to come

Ms Cherid - Wow 3T! I had a chance to read your pledges as I walked by your classroom. Very inspiring and lovely to see how committed you all were to making a change!

Lexi 3T - I loved how we made our pledge. I will help by filling up my water bottle with fresh water. Also I really want to help fishes.

Faaris 3T - I really liked colouring in my crab and writing what I should do the save the sea creatures. I am going to use paper straws instead of plastic straws.

Hiba 3T - I will help pick up plastic from the beaches and not hurt the fishes. Plastic can poison fish and people.

Yasim 3T - We really want to look after the environment. We need to protect it and we can make a difference. If we don't then all the animals will die.

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