3T - Get Arty

Today 3T created masterpieces in the style of the artists that our class tables are named after. Can you guess which artists they were inspired by?


Miss Phillips - Wow Year 3! You know I love a bit of art and this is beautiful! 😍

Yasemin 5mc - All of your drawings are AMAZING! Well done. :)

FARZANA 3T - I did Pablo Picasso's art and I feel like I'm going to become an artist.

Lexi 3T - My art was based on klimt, I loved how the tree had many colours, beauty. Also I loved the oil pastels.

Faaris 3T - I really liked doing the artwork and I did piccaso with oil pastels.

Aland 3T - My artist was Van Gogh and I did starry night with oil pastels. I did well with the swirly parts and got lots of oil pastel on my hands like an artist.

Mrs Alam - Wow 3T I love your artwork!

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