Year 3 - Visit the Adventure Playground

 Year 3 children showed lots of fantastic skills at the adventure playground today. It was fabulous to see how they supported one another and developed new skills. They also encouraged each other to try things that maybe they have not done before. As we left Zara said, "That wasn't an hour! It's only been a few minutes!" How time flies when you're having fun.

Christopher: I loved moving people around in the wheelbarrow! I'm so strong!

Amira: I used the rollerskates and fell down a few times, but I got up! I did it!

Yasim: I used coloured beads to make my very own bracelet.

Miles: I went on the enormous zip wire! It was so fun.


Roux 3G - I had a great time with my friends and mum. I played lots of football, javelin and cricket!!! It was great!!! Thanks teachers :)

umitcan 3G - I was dizzy on the spinning swing but it was fun.

Yasim 3t - I liked it because we were digging a hole and we found lots of sticks! It was really fun

Lexi 3T - I really liked going to Daubeney fields because we got to play football and also we played in the adventure playground. I was a chef at a restaurant! I cooked rice and chicken.

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