Debating in Year 3

Year 3 read the fable 'The Lion and the Mouse' and determined that fables are stories that teach us a message. They thought that the message of the fable was that TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. They then applied this idea of teamwork to a debate. They argued both for and against the idea that online games encourage teamwork. They came up with some very interesting-and convincing-ideas and are becoming more skilled at expressing themselves clearly.


Miss Patel - I absolutely love debating lessons because it gives everyone the opportunity to express their thoughts to the class in a formal and polite manner. It also allows you guy to grow in confidence, I really enjoyed listening to all your views. Well done!

ishmel 3p - I liked debating because we got to come up with lots of different reasons to come up with to talk about online gaming and against online gaming.

Gaia - I think that you guys are ready for politics

florence-3p - I enjoyed the session of debating because I thought that I understood the importance of teamwork and how too much video games can be bad for you.

Mahbir 3T - I like to play video games because Samuel was in the boys team on the game

Maggie 3T - It was really fun debating with my table because we got to argue for and against about video games. I love video games but I think outdoor games are way better because my cousin got colour blind because of video games.

Lava 3T - When we were debating, we spoke about whether online games were good for teamwork. I really liked doing it because we got to watch other people debate.

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