Year 3 - World Maths Day 2019

To celebrate World Maths Day, Year 3 took part in many fun-filled maths games and challenges. They completed the activities collaboratively and used a range of mathematical operations to solve the problems.


Moussa - I want to learn more about maths because maths is fun.

Yasim 3T - I really liked playing hit the button because it helps me with my times tables

Faaris 3T - I really enjoyed playing hit the button and my favourite subject is maths.

Elias 3T - I can't believe Abubaker beat me on hit the button!

Nicole 3p - I loved doing this activity especially when I won a round it was a bit hard and at the same time it was fun me and my partner tried to find the number I wish we can do that activity again!!

Brian 5MC - During Maths we did lots of challenging things! They were hard but we got there in the end!

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