Year 3 - Museum of London

Yesterday (29th January 2019) Year 3 visited the Museum of London. We were there to see how the people of London lived during The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and Roman times. The children were really interested by the artefacts that have been discovered over the years.


Neslihan 3G - this was so fun to learn about the past in the futer kids will learn about our ways of living

Moussa - It was interesting in the Museum of London.

Taylor-5M - That looks really fun year 3

audrey - Our trip was so fun!!!!!!!!!

Miss Patel - I had a great time at the Museum of London. I particularly enjoyed walking through the 'London before London' section. There were many artefacts and replicas of artefacts that were linked back to the Stone Age. Well done Year 3 for being so well behaved during our visit and well done for your brilliant comments, I loved reading them. :)

Edie - AMAZING that is so cool🤩🤩🤩

Lyla 3t - It was so much fun but wish I will go there again

Roux 3G - This trip was the best trip ever!!!!! I got lots of experience from the stoneage and Romans life time. I learnt more about chainmail armour and I think we all had fun !?didn’t we!?

ramzi-3p - I loved it! In the museum we got to go on computers and look up anything about the past we wan't to.I looked up pottery and it showed me a lot of facts and there was a picture.My partner (Calum) looked up black death and black death is a disease that spread all over England. At a certain place they showed us how to make food from the past!

Nicholas 3p - What an incredible day at such an fascinating museum my favourite was the stone age bits we are so lucky to be learning about prehistoric time.Secondly I really enjoyed how there were tv's telling us about it. But I was so impressed about how they could get such amazing facts about. This was extremely shocking it made me speechless. My second final compliment is about how amazing the artefacts were but the most special thing about it was how they got an exact replica of it. Finally how did they have enough space and strength to get all those fascinating artefacts into the museum?

Remy 3T - The gladiators are warriors who fight each other just to have victory. They were poor or prisoners and you can tell how they died by the marks on their skulls.

Praise 3T - My favourite was the iron age and stone age things in the museum. My favourite object was lots of small swords.

Faaris 3T - I liked going to the museum and watching the films and looking at the paintings of the stone age and the black death. I feel proud to be from London.

Aland 3T - This was my best trip ever!!! There were so many things I couldn't believe. I saw a lot of swords from the stone age and iron age.

Abubaker 3T - I really liked to go the museum. My favourite bit was watching the film about how London changed.

Yasim 3T - I liked looking at the stone age objects and I also saw some bronze tools from bronze age.

Lexi 3T - I really loved going to the museum and I had so much fun. I also got to see how men treated women in the old days. I'm glad women can vote now.

Mum from 3G - Great pictures. It looks like you had a lot of fun in the museum year 3! I hope you can put all your new knowledge to good use back at school!

Jehana 5f - They were really lucky to go on this trip

Nicole 3p - I loved going to the Museum of London because of the amazing things and videos we saw about stone age and Roman times it was funnn!!!!!!!!

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