Year 3 - Internet Safety Day

Year 3 had several very interesting discussions about how to stay safe when using the Internet. They demonstrated their knowledge in posters that they made encouraging others to be safe when using the Internet, completed Internet safety crosswords and answered comprehension questions about the topic in the afternoon. They are now very aware of how to navigate the Internet safely!


Ammani - laurinston school - Be safe on the internet and don't share your personal information to people you don't know . I wish i made my own internet safety poster.

Kiwi YR9 Tutor PEER - Wow YR3 Your Esteem On Learning Is Very FABULOUS

Yuaiix YR8 - Well Done YR3 Love Your Handwriting, Drawing Skills. It's so Amazing

C Gustave - We must always be smart and do the right thing to keep ourselves and others safe. Well done Year 3 on your very engaging activity on Internet Safety.

Ava3T - I love making the posters it was so much fun I really enjoy it

David 3T - Do not write a password in a paper because someone will do something to your internet so you need to be safe to keep the passwords in your head and never tell anyone else what your password is like in the advert they might bully you and say bad things about your parents and you if you also make a videos pupils in YouTube they will say bad things about you. If you tell an adult they will help because sometimes they will be a bad virus then your computer will turn off so you should tell an adult.

Farzana 3T - It was fun making the internet safety poster and remember be safe on the internet make sure you don't share your personal information to a random person that you don't know because that random person can be a kidnapper and also don't meet each other just ask your parents so they can solve who that person you are talking to that you don't know and let your parents delete that random persons number, be safe.

Mr Matvad - I like the posters

Mohamed 3T - If you wouldn't tell the person next to you on a bus your private information then why are you telling people on the internet?

David 3T - If someone sees your password they might go on your computer and they could hack your account

Elias 3T - If we didn't have internet safety then lots of children could be in danger, so we need to tell other people about internet safety and tell the grown ups if a random person calls you or messages you

Praise 3T - We can stay safe by telling a grown up if someone you don't know sends you a message

Yasim 3T - We know how to make a internet safety poster so young children like us are safe and if you tell someone your password people can get into your computer and it is not safe

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