Year 3 - 3T's Costa Rica Presentation

As part of Hispanic Week, 3T researched the Spanish speaking country of Costa Rica. Demonstrating their impressive capacity for teamwork, they focused on different areas, such as the animals, food and geography of Costa Rica, and created very informative posters. They then presented their findings in groups using loud, clear voices. If you see 3T around, ask them to tell you a fact or two about Costa Rica!


Jeffy - Great year 3 you did great

Nicole 3p - It was really good 3T well done everyone and Miss Taylor!!!

3P - Gaia- I like how you started off with the flag and then started showing us facts and projecting your voice.
Muhammad Zakariya- I liked how you didn't all do it at once, you spaced it out into different parts and i like that you had a 'did you know' bit.
Tavish- I liked that you didn't all do it at once and how many facts you learnt about Costa Rica.

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