Year 3 - WOW Day 2019

Year 3 had a brilliant start to their new topic - the rainforest - today. They found out about the deforestation that is going on in the Amazon & wrote news reports about the fires that occurred recently, which they thought were devastating. In their reports, they call for action & make suggestions about what we can do to help. You can listen to some of these reports as we filmed them using the green screen- look out for the video later this week! Year 3 ended their Wow Day the best way possible- by creating fantastic pieces of rainforest art!


Lexi 4K - I remember when I made a report about the rainforest! It was so fun! I hope you enjoyed it!

3T Jannat - I like the amazon

Samuel 3T - I had fun making rainforest art!

Ava 3T - I had fun working on the report about the fire in the Amazon rainforest because we learnt lots of things about the rainforest and what we do to help. And I like the way we made a news report and we were on video!

Lauren 3T - It was very very fun and loads were people were doing speeches about the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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