Year 3 - 'I Love Me' Portraits

As yesterday was world mental health day Year 3 have been thinking about their emotions and their self worth. With the theme of β€˜I love me’ the children drew a self portrait and wrote what they love about themselves. Their portrait was then passed around to their peers for them to write comments on what they love about each other.


Cool boy - That was so much fun

Hoa-di 2C - Wow I would do that if I were in your class

florence-3p - I loved that session!

E'naisha 2c - It looks fun I would try it

Ava 3T - I enjoyed drawing myself. I am grateful to be me. We are all different and we are all beautiful.

Violette New 3T - It was very fun to do and everybody is different, if we were the same it would be boring. You should always love yourself because you should be grateful about who you are

Soma 3T - It was really fun and I really love myself- we are all good enough and you should love yourself

Enyioma 3T - We are all different and unique and we should all love ourselves

Waris 3G - I love all the pictures

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