Year 3 - Meditation

Have you ever felt tired, exhausted, stressed or worried? Well meditation helps you to calm your body and relax your mind. It allows you to reflect on your self and focus on your breathing and surroundings. It is proven that meditation helps you stay calm, improve your behaviour and focus during learning time.  Since year 3 have started meditation, they feel much more relaxed and ready for a brilliant day of learning!

“I love meditation! I don’t really get a chance to do it at home so having a time at school has really made me feel calm” – Hussein

“Meditation is something that really helps me relax and focus at school” – Amina

“My work has improved since we started meditation” – Talha


Amina 3p - Meditation keeps me calm. I am glad that we were taught how to meditate.

laniya 3p - you should try this

Laniya 3p - When I get very angry meditation really helps because it helps me get the stress out

umitcan 3G - Meditate and be floppy and loose as we always are

Neslihan 3G - Time to feel relaxed

Gaia 3p - If pooches felt calm after

Ayman3p - It was fun doing meditation because our worries go away

Nicole 3p - It was relaxing and calm

Laniya 3P - I felt so relaxd

Jing 5M - it looks fun

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