Year 3 - Mental Health Day

Year 3 have been exploring their emotions through art. They enjoyed looking at works of art from Picasso's Blue and Rose Period, noting their emotional responses to each piece of art and why they might feel that way. They commented that the art from his Blue Period was sombre and gloomy, which made them feel sad and low. In contrast, the works from his Rose Period featured cheerful oranges and reds, which made them feel uplifted and positive. They insightfully said that perhaps these colours reflect Picasso's mood at different points in his life. They then created their very own pieces of art based on an emotion of their choice & spoke very eloquently about their use of colour and materials. Year 3 very much enjoyed exploring the mind through the medium of art.


Lyla 3T - It was really fun

Moussa - I like being healthy.

Ayman3P - I like it

younes 3T - Your art is amazing

Mr Matvad - The activities look really fun to do!

izabel 3t - This was so much fun to do

Lexi 3T - I loved doing this I got inspired by Picasso’s art He’s amazing and all the other ! I love miss Taylor! She’s the best!

younes 3T - It was fun I got my hands really messy

Jehana 5F - wow amazing art year three

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