Year 4 - Science: How Our Bodies Work

Year 4 have been very busy in Science investigating our bodies and how they work. One of our Learning Questions was 'How can different liquids affect our teeth' and we were able to investigate that in class!

If you want to find out more, ask our Year 4 students about how we conducted the experiment and the results we found!


zainab 4K - It was so fun. I enjoyed it

Bliss 4C - That was really fun and smelly at the same time. It was really different how I imagine because the orange juice when he's actually got little bubbles on it and it looks really silly and the coke when have just gone brown but the water wanted magnified it exist so cool this way and I can't wait to find more about about the enamel. I really really really want to try another experiment like that before I leave the school I am really going to miss Daubeney Primary School when I do leave now and then the subject anyway.

Gloria 4C - It was fun but it was smelly as well!

Precious 4C - It was really fun but when I saw the egg dissolve in the orange juice I was shocked.

Adeoye 4C - I learnt that egg shells are made of the same material as our teeth (Enamel). It was smelly and when I saw the egg shells decay it was gross!

Ece4k - Well done everyone

Ece4k - We had a fun time when we done it

Aoife 4p - I loved it but my nostrils didn't!

Bliss - Oh I remember doing that. Smelly but fun!

violet6f - Wow that looked like lots of fun

Mrs Krueziu - The results were fascinating. 4K were surprised to find out that orange juice can cause significant erosion of our teeth.

Xiomara4C - It is pretty cool to see what we have learnt over the past week and why looking up this week. Now we all know that different liquid of like coke or something like that always makes our teeth bad. I shall have the same material not teeth and it means that coke and oranges or any type of liquid like that are bad for teeth

ramatu - I love Daubeney

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