Year 4M Class Assembly - 24th November 2020

Today 24 November 2020 the Junior Mental Health Team led our class assembly. They discussed some breathing techniques and the importance of our mental health.


Reagan 4m - It was so fun to listen to

Lily old 6M - Keep up the good work mental health team

Dylan 4M - Well done mental health team that was a good assembly! well done indeed.

Miss Lucey - Well done Year 4 Junior Mental Health Team. It sounds like you presented a great assembly and helped in promoting good mental health. :) Great comments, and lovely to see Dara encouraging her class peers to meditate at home too :)

Elizabeth 4M - I really enjoyed the assembly, it was amazing( well done guys.)

Ishmel 4m - Man that was a very good assembly guys and I will try meditation on the weekends I really liked the way the assembly was formed

Humza 4M - That was amazing guys I loved it.

Elisha 4M - you guys were amazing and outstanding for being brave im still working on my assembly

tom 4M - I really enjoyed it , well done guys

Sadiqa - That was good

Bersu4m - Well done mental health team your assembly was awesome I'm really proud

Dara 4M - This is for year 4, if at home you have some time and I am sure that you have time on Saturday and Sunday to do some meditating and I am in the junior mental health team so I am only asking you for 5-10 m to promote mental health even more :):)

Pip 4M - Guys that was an amazing ? assembly.

Florence-4M - I really enjoyed today's class assembly.
I liked the fact that everyone in the classroom was participating with the assembly and trying their best to answer the questions.

Dara 4M - Today I also really enjoyed speaking in the assembly.
And I think that the junior mental health team promoted mental health in the assembly.
Finally I also really liked the assembly because we got to share our job with the class!:):):)

Katie 4M - I really enjoyed speaking in this assembly and I hope the rest of the class enjoyed it too.

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