Year 4 - 4C Work Week 2019: Meeting a Foley Artist

4C were very lucky to have Sue, Ellis' mum, come in to talk about her very special job. She is a Foley artist which means she reproduces everyday sound effects in cartoons and movies. She has worked on some cartoons that the children watched such as Peppa Pig!

Sue showed us different ways of recreating sound such as breaking a celery stick to recreate the sound of breaking bones. Also, coconuts tapping on the floor to recreate the sound of horses running. The children were amazed and even had a go themselves.

"I didn't like it, I LOVED it" - 4C child.

Thank you to Sue for giving us some of her time to educate and inspire children!


Binyamin 4C - I learnt so much how movies make sound

Ariella-4C - I learnt so much about what kind of object creates a sound for movies!

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