Year 4 - No Pen Day Maths

Today 25-11-2020 Mr Marshall created a fantastic multiplication game for the children in Year 4 to play and learn their times tables. The children had so much fun playing and learning their times-tables. It was a fun lesson.


Reagan 4m - I did not take part but I loved it so much

Maya 4DM - It was really fun. I really enjoyed it

Florence-4M - I enjoyed this lesson for 'No Pens Day Wednesday'.

Dylan 4M - I enjoyed the no pens day maths lesson, it was really intense but I did not participate in any events which is okay.

Humza 4M - I love no pens day it is so fun.

Elisha 4M - It's just us that commented

Dara 4M - I really enjoyed the maths lesson, because it was very fun and also when the teachers were racing it was very enjoyable!:):):)

Elisha 4M - Guys this was very fun because instead of doing maths with a pen or a pencil we did it with cones

Dara 4M - Well done everybody

Bersu4m - It was fun playing this game and I don't care if I didn't win as long as I tried

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