Year 4 - Wow Day: Ancient Egypt

Today (23-01-2020) the children enjoyed their WOW day with a variety of fun activities around our topic Ancient Egypt. The children created their own Ancient Egyptian town, then made a funeral mask for the Great Tutankhamun, answered a quiz about ancient civilization and enjoyed answering their Big Topic Question; Where the Pharaohs of Egypt fair?


Audrey 4M - It was so much fun doing this especially the Tutankhamen death mask??????????

otis 4M - Building Tutankhamun death mask was really fun

Ava 4k - It was so fun making the tomb????

Audrey 4M - I loved making the ancient Egyptian city it was so much fun!!!?

Zayd-4M - I really enjoyed WOW day it was very fun making King Tut's death mask.

Charlotte 4DM - This was so fun making it ??????

Miss Patel - Well this certainly has the WOW-factor! Well done year 4 :)

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