Year 4 - Cross Curricular Learning: Sketching 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai

Today (14th October 2019) the children in Year 4 used their Art skills, Topic skills and Literacy skills to sketch 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' by Hokusai. The children learnt about the famous artist and then looked at some of his famous work, especially the Great Wave and re-created his masterpiece.


Amina 4DM - It was really fun to draw The Great Wave of Kanagawa ??

kearon - I loved this lesson it was great I hope other people enjoyed it .

Otis - It was so fun drawing the great wave of Kanagawa

Daubeney mum - This looks so much fun!

Leila 4m - I had so much fun

Abubaker 4K - I like that we drew the wave.

Maya.3G - It looks like you are good at this

Zayon - I liked this, work is very fun

Zayd 4M - It was really fun learning about Hokusai and how he carves on wood blocks and does his paintings. I liked drawing the wave of Kanagawa..

Sahar - Great work

Zayon - I really liked this lesson

Nahriah 4M - It was fun to draw

Billy - Good work

Zakariya 4k - I like the waves - reminds me of surfing in Africa

Roux 4M - It was fun drawing "The great wave of Kanagawa." We also learnt the artist who drew the picture which was Hokusai, and it was really fun learning about him.

Laniya 4DM - It was really fun to draw

Ms Gray - It looks like you were having fun.

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