Year 4 Half Term Holiday Projects

Over the Half-term holidays, Year 4 have been busy creating jaw-dropping projects! Hayden in 4P created a volcano (which actually explodes!).
Massimo, Oran and Cormac created a model of a earthquake scene in London. The teachers and Mr Logan were very impressed!


Medine . - Great work 4P, well done ☃️🍟🍉🍎🍏

Rebecca Cheetham (Oran's mum) - Well done for making such an inspiring and creative project

Nilema-3c - I would love to learn about volcano's and earthquakes, great job 4p.

Hind - I want to make a volcano!

Oran(the maker) - I loved making it!

Rohilat-4P - Probably the best experience I've ever had!

Janelle - It was so cool I really enjoyed it.

Valeri - It was great
I loved it

Jack-4S - Oh brother, that is incredible!

Jessey - I've never seen some much team work, well done.

fowzia - Fantastic. Great to learn so if there is a earthquake you would know what to do. Keep up all the projects.

Miss Patel - Well done boys! I was very impressed, wasn't expecting it to look so realistic! Keep up the brilliant work :)

Mrs Krueziu - Well done 4P. Keep up the great work!

MIRACLE - That's epic!

Minette - I wish I was there 😞😢

Zoe - Cool.

Ramatu -50 - Well done 4P I love your projects when you made it in the half term.

Zainab - Well done 4P you did a great job learning all about earthquakes and volcanoes over the half term holiday!

Olivia - That is so cool!

Sharon (Massimo's mum) - Well done to all the children! A special congratulations to Cormac, Oran and Massimo on an amazing project! We are very proud of you!

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