Year 4 - WOW Day

Today 17-12-2020 the children in Year 4 had an amazing time creating their Tutankhamun death mask. They also made their own personal cartouche and drew ancient Egyptian symbols as part of our learning in History.


Edie 4S - WOW year 4 that looked like so much fun. I wish I was there to have fun with you too.

Florence-4M - I enjoyed having WOW Day.

Humza 4M - I loved wow day, it was so fuuuun

Gaia - Well done year4

Coco - WOW!!!!!???????????

Nahriah 5MC - Wow it looks like you lots of fun

Chaleigh (archies mum) - Well done Archie for getting involved in a subject which isn’t your favourite and well done school and mr matvad for encouraging Archie to participate in these activities ?

Mrs Taylor - Looks like you had a great time learning all about ancient Egypt! Well done Y4

Bersu4m - That was fun making Tutankhamuns death mask.

Mr Dharma - Absolutely fantastic learning Year 4!
I was transported to ancient Egypt as I walked through your classrooms.
What a thrilling experience.
What was your favourite part of the day?

Dara 4M - It was really fun to create Tutankhamun's death mask. I had an amazing day and enjoyed WoW Day.

Zayd - 5MC - Wow! That looks fun, I remember when I was in Year 4 and I did this. :)

Mr Matvad - We had so much fun today.

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