Year 4 - Science Investigation

The children in Year 4 carried out a very interesting science experiment to understand how sound travels through vibrations. They used a coat hanger, string and ties the string to each end. Then wrapping the string around their index fingers, placing it in their ear openings and hitting the hanger on a wall - they heard something amazing.

Why not try this experiment at home to find out what they heard!


Neslihan 4M - I miss school

Daubeney mum - Very impressive! Well done year 4, you are learning some great stuff that will definitely set you in good stead in the future. We will certainly try this awesome experiment at home

Miss Fathema - Wow this looks really interesting year 4. Hope you had fun discovering how sound travels!

ratatata6blah - HELLO

Joey4M - It looks fun.
I couldn't do it because I was ill ☹️.
I hope you had a great time with the experiment.???

Umitcan4m - I only felt the metal hanger vibrating

Miss Gustave - Well done year four! The expression on your faces tells the story. After speaking to some of you, I am very impressed that you can speak so confidently about your learning. Very impressive year four.

Sahar 4m - Lol this was fun

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