Year 4 - Spelling Test - 9th April 2020

Hi Year 4,

Happy Easter and I hope you are having a lovely time. Here is this weeks spelling test! we know you have been working hard all week so good luck. The words for next week are on page 44 on the website.

Stay safe,
Year 4 team


Sophia 4DM? - Well done year 4 stay at home and stay safe ☺☺☺

Nicholas 4DM - Thanks for the spelling test Mr Marshall its helping us keep our day to day learning alive and its helping us to memorise our learning till year 5 but I really think we should do our spelling tests on the zoom so we can interact with our peers and to interact with in a way we couldn't from the daubeney website

Mrs Krueziu - Well done year 4 team!It’s lovely to hear about your achievements Farzana, David and Aryan??

Aryan 4DM - I want more spelling! I love spelling it is just amazing. Please give me more I love doing it!

david 4k - I got 10/10 . Yeah

Farzana 4K- - I got 9/10 but I think I did a great job!!!

Emmanuel 5B - Hi sir how your quarantine been adios its Emman from 5B

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