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Year 4 - Natural History Museum

On Wednesday 27th November, the Year 4 pupils enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Natural History. They viewed the earthquake galleries and found all the information they learnt in class available on the display. It was very interesting to see how much the pupils knew, especially how earthquakes are formed and the different types of earthquakes, which was explored and discussed in our Cross Curricular learning in school.


remy 4k - It was one of the GREATEST trips EVER!!!! 😜

Victoria 3G. - That look so fun I wish I can go there with you guys

David 4k - This was fun but the bad thing was we didn’t get to go in the earthquake simulator the good thing we got to go in the earthquake film it was a interesting thing the we’re talking about if there was a earthquake that cracked open in the desert when there’s a big earthquake in the ocean there would be a giant tsunami in some of the amazing oceans in the south and the west even east.

abubaker4k - It was a amazing because that we had fun

Billy - I really liked the museum

Leila 4m - It was so much fun

Calum 4dm - The trip was so much fun! 😎😜🤪🙂

Daniel 4m - I learnt a lot about earthquakes in the Natural History Museum.

Lexi’s Dad 4K - Good place to take year 4s very educational and fun,

4K Lexi’s Mum - Looks amazing glad you all had a great time 👍

Tarjhenae 4DM - The trip was fun and......GO ON TT ROCKSTARS!! 4DM

E'naisha. 2C - I hope you enjoyed it it looks fun

Interested mum - Amazing work year 4, looks like you had a great trip :)

Roux - 4M - I liked the trip because we got to learn lots of new things about natural history.

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