Year 4 - RE Day: Hinduism

The children in Year 4 had an exciting day today (31st October 2019) learning all about the Hindu faith. The children studied the main beliefs of Hinduism, the importance of the Mandir (Hindu Temple) and signs and symbols from the religion. They also had an opportunity to create their own art work-based on Hindu traditions and customs.


Audrey - This was an amazing lesson!

Gaia - Wow I think it was so much fun

Elias-perivale primary school(west London) - That sounds fun I wish I didn't leave this school but here I am in my new house in Perivale its a long way from Daubeney primary. Those are beautiful pictures I miss 4K the best class in yr 4. The pictures posted remind me of all my friends. I will never ever forget my friends. Bye 4K I miss you guys

Sofiat - It was the best lesson ever

Sofiat - It was fun and exciting ???

Daubeney mum - Absolutely stunning work!

Jehana-6S - Well done yr 4 your drawings look AMAZING I would love to try that

Ariella-5MC - That looks fun! Looks like you guys did enjoy RE day.

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