Year 4 - Arabic Calligraphy

Today (27-02-2020) the children in year 4 studied the Islamic Faith. They used Arabic style calligraphy writing to write their own name and used many patterns to beautify their work.


Audrey - This was really fun I enjoyed do the drawings around your name?????

Elias - I speak Arabic not only Muslims speak Arabic though, but anyway I'm a Muslim.

Amina 4DM - I liked writing Arabic because I am a Muslim and I respect it.

Moussa-4DM - I liked doing Arabic letters and words in Arabic, it's because it helps me to read the Quran. Well Muslims believe that the Quran is special to them, because if they follow the Quran ,our God called Allah will reward them because Allah likes the people who are shy and honest.

Sarah 6F- - I'm so happy that they are learning about a very important thing to Muslims. It makes me happy. :)

Mum from 4M - Wow. Impressive :)

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