Boys Book Club - 16th November 2020

The Year 4 boys met today 16-11-2020 and enjoyed reading a selection of books which were their favourite books. We had many different genres and discussed which books we enjoyed most.


Florence-4M - Well done boys,
it looked like you enjoyed your books!

Mr Dharma - Absolutely fantastic Year 4 boys! Well done to you all and Mr Matvad.
I would love to see / hear you all recommending books, comics and poems for all to read.

Mr Logan - It’s wonderful to see the year 4 boys enjoying their time at Boys’ Book Club.
Keep it up boys and remember, leaders are readers.
Keep on enjoying those books!

Jiang 4M- - It was so much fun I wish you were there too.

Humza 4M - In my book I loved how there were studies also it was fun reading it was amazing reading. Boys remember next Monday we have to read again. ?

Koray 4DM - I read a Viking book and enjoyed reading the book.

Mahbir 4S - I read WANTED and enjoyed the book. It was fun.

Luca 4DM - I enjoyed MEGA DANGER because it has loads of details and I love reading.

Yusuf 4DM - I read the book Welcome and I enjoyed it because it has interesting pictures.

Daniel 4DM - I read The team Hero and I enjoyed the book because it has loads of interesting characters.

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