Year 4M - TTRS Champions

A huge well done to 4M this week for being the TTRS Champions. They competed against the whole school and were crowned the winners.


Elisha 4M - I was so competitive when we were in the battle

Mr Swarbrick - 4M!! A HUGE congratulations. In November you were in last place. You worked so hard, you persevered, you never gave up and now it has all paid off and you sit at the very TOP of the TTRS league table. Now... you need to keep up that 100% usage and keep on ROCKING!

Jalil 4M - I also like this award because we have made from last to first
Can you believe that so it means if you're last you can go to first place

Jalil 4M - I loved this award and thank you Mr Swarbrick

Dominic 4m - This is an amazing award thank you Mr Swarbrick

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