Year 4 - Natural History Museum Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic learning experience at the Natural History Museum to explore more about our topic of Earthquakes. Through dramatic film footage, exhibits of earthquake rocks and fossils and interactive games we learnt how destructive earthquakes can be. We even had a feel of what it was like to go through an earthquake by going on the famous earthquake simulator. We had a fantastic time!


Maëlle 4p - Ok ummmmmmm everything was AMAZING!!!????????????????????????????????????

4k - It was so fun. Im sure most people in year 4 loved it so much

Maëlle 4p - Taylor I know I was being a bit CRAZY

Xiomara4C - To bad I didn't get to go but it sure does look like fun. I am sure next time I will get to go.

Maëlle 4p - Amazing I loved the room that could move. l fell down. Oh also miss Patel " you are the BEST teacher ever!!!!!

Miriam 4p - That was fun

Linda 4k - That trip was so fun I'm sure everyone enjoyed that trip

Adeoye 4C - This trip was so fun!

Anesi 4p - It was so fun

sufyan 4k - It was a very exciting trip. I learnt soooooo much

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