Year 4 - Diary Entry: The Lion and The Mouse

Today (8th November 2019) the children in Year 4 were writing their final diary entry as the Mouse from our story, 'The Lion and The Mouse'. We used many writing features and skills to create some wonderful diary entries. We included, adverbials of time, powerful adjectives, onomatopoeia, similes and varied sentence starters.


Hussein 4DM - It was fun writing about The Lion and The Mouse!

Leila 4m - I really enjoyed it!

Nahriah 4M - I love writing about the lion and the mouse ??

praise 4k - I joined in and I really enjoyed it for the lion and the mouse

Zayd-4M - I really enjoyed learning about 'The lion and the mouse'.

Maya 3G - We are also learning about the lion ? and the mouse ? !!! It looks very fun.#GREAT WORK!!!

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