Year 4 - Debate

Year 4 have have been debating some very interesting topics in Literacy. Some of the motions they debated were:

‘Slime should not be banned from school’ and ‘Children should be allowed to bring their mobile phones to school’

Have a look at their fierce battles!


Brian 4C - I liked the motions that we were arguing about because slime can be a stress-reliever and they're fun to play with.

Adeoye 4C - I enjoyed debating and liked the subjects that we spoke about. It was also weird because we were in our pyjamas but it was also comfy.

Lily 4C - I liked the fact that everyone listened to one another and took turns to speak. It was super fun!

Miriam ? - I love being in my pyjamas debating

Maelle 4p - Yes so much fun debating in our comfy pyjamas ??????

Taylor-4p - It was so much FUN debating in pyjamas!?

zainab 6S - slime should NOT be banned from school

sufyan 4K - I had a very good time when debating

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