Year 4 - Viking Helmets

This week, Year 4 were creating Viking helmets to help them understand life during that era. They were able to identify the key features of a Viking hat, along with discussing where the Vikings conquered between AD793 to 1066. They had a great time and are looking forward to learning more about life as a Viking in the coming weeks!


Ariella-4C - It was really fun and creating patterns on the Viking helmet and really did entertain me a lot!

Taylor 5m - Good job 4Z they look really good better than what I did in year 4

Sumia (who left last Friday) - I really miss Daubeney & 4Z hope you get the message

Achraf-4Z - Coooooool!

Ava-4c - I really liked that lesson❤️?

Firdaus - I want to do more art

Damarsh - It was very good

Elias-3t - Amazing year 4

Reyhan - That activity was really fun

Sophia 3p - Well done year 4 good job.

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