Year 4 - World Book Day 2018

Year 4 had an exhilarating World Book Day, dressing up and partaking in a range of activities!

Take a look at their creative costumes...


Hind - Word book day was so fun and I also loved my hat because it was so tall I had to lean to the side so it wouldn't fall

sufyan 4k - I loved my harry potter costume and I liked everyone's one too

Aysha - I love world book day!

Tessa 4C - I love World Book Day and I also loved everyone's creative costumes!

Micah 4C - World Book Day was the most amazing day and I had so much fun! I enjoyed being hulk

Nasra 4C - World Book Day was fun even though I didn't look like who I wanted to look like

Gloria 4C - It was the best day of all! I wish it could be World Book Day everyday!

Fatou 4C - I love World Book Day! We had so much fun in 4C

Dani 4C - Wow that looked really fun! I wish I could've been there

Ece 4k - The best word book day ?

Taylor 4P - World book day was really fun and I liked being Queen of Hearts because I got to boss people around :D

Joshua 4P - I am proud of everyone who showed up on World Book Day despite the bad weather.

Halima 4P - That must have been really fun and full of imagination and I wish I could be there!

Gabriel 4P - I am very proud of Anesi and her costume was very good.

Berat 4P - It was the most fun day of my life.

Miriam 4P - Well done Anesi for winning the competition for 4P :)

Maelle 4P - It was really fun and I got to dress up as whoever I wanted.

Sarah 4P - Even though I was sick at home, I can imagine that it was full of fun.

Tariq 4P - Even though I wasn't here I can imagine it was really fun.

Malia 4P - World book day was amazing and lots of people had amazing costumes.

Zakaria 4P - World book day is really fun I wish it was book day everyday!

Sherlomi 5M - I love all of your costumes!

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