Year 4 - Literacy and Art

Today 11-12-2020 the children in Year 4 enjoyed sketching the pyramid as part of their literacy lesson- to follow instructions.


Florence-4M - A female Pharoah was called a Pharoah as well. The meaning of Pharoah is strong or powerful ruler. Now, in modern times we call a female ruler a Queen. I really enjoyed creating 3D pyramids in Literacy.
I enjoyed this lesson because it was fun and exiting to watch the video. It was fun to see what instruction came next.
I hope that we can have a few more lessons like the one in Literacy.?

Bersu4m - Mr Dharma female pharaoh is called queen. That work was fun.

Dylan 4M - I loved that art lesson

Jiang 4M - It was so much fun doing it.

Humza 4M - I really loved the drawings that everybody made, we should do this again.

Jayden 4M - This was so much fun to sketch a pyramid

Ameerah A - ?I loved drawing the Pyramids in school/literacy?

Bersu4m - That was fun.

Mr Dharma - Well done Year 4! I'm loving the art and literacy links.
Quick question - what was a female Pharaoh called?

Miss Phillips - Amazing artwork Year 5!

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