Year 4 - Lego Workshop

Year 4 had an interesting Lego workshop organised by the City Year team. They had a wonderful time learning about coding and robotics and put all this knowledge into use. Take a look at what they got up to!


Maelle 4p - Even though I don't like lego as much as other people but I did enjoy making it and testing the different things it can do. Me, Angel and Miriam worked together as a team. I made a really good car we had a couple of difficulties but I had so much fun making it and then playing with it

Isabella 4p - It was fun and I was really good at controlling the Lego robot

Taylor-4p - It was so fun and I loved when it kept moving it was so interesting

Angel 4P - Even though I'm not a fan of Lego, I still enjoyed this wonderful workshop

Mrs Krueziu - It was great seeing all pupils buzzing with excitement upon seeing their robots move in different directions!!

Ramatu-6S - Wow well done everyone I wonder how mine is going to be like!

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