Year 4 Trip to Suleymaniye Mosque

As part of Religious Education (RE), Year 4 had a great time visiting Suleymaniye Mosque in Hackney. We were able to learn about Islam and Muslims' place of worship. The imam (religious leader) took us on a tour of the mosque and answered any questions we had.

'We learnt new things that we didn't know before and we had fun. I thought the building was very colourful.' - Phillip 4C

' It was fun and educational. It was good to know about Muslims' religion.' - Halima 4P

'It was fun and we learnt lots about Islam. I liked the chandeliers in the Mosque.' - Jonas 4K


Adeoye 4C - It was interesting when the guy was singing, it sounded good. I liked the design on the carpet.

Evellyn 4C - We got to learn new things about a different religion. I liked that the mosque was really big and fun.

Tessa 4C - It was fun learning about different religions and how they pray

Ece 4k - It was fun ???

Amina 5MA - I'm a muslim but this mosque look so good.

sugra - Follow your religion

Rhyleigh - It was fun

Alan 5F - It looks cool

Malia 4P - I really liked it because I got to know a little bit more of what Muslims do in the mosque.

Maelle 4P - I found it interesting and different to what I was expecting.

Dorina 4P - I was really fun learning about what Muslims do in the mosque.

Taylor 4P - The trip was very interesting. I learnt all about the mosque.

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